Mar 142016
The Eritrean youth are emerging into adulthood riding the wave of despair. By Petros Tesfagiorgis

According to the daily paper Metro dated February 29, 2016 the world witnessed the French police tearing down the Jungle in Calais/France while the refugees fought back with the help of activists, resulting in burning of tents and properties.  The French Government is claiming that they are moving them to a better place with proper […]

Aug 122015
Why is dialogue Important in Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy : By Fesseha Nair

The Democratic transition from dictatorship to Democracy in the 80th, 90th and the recent of the Arab spring where some were successful, and some were failures and resulted in civil wars and destabilisation. The South African model of dialogue was a good example illustrating how an open dialogue can play in unifying all the forces for democratic change. The […]

Oct 202013
Heroic Eritrean Mother Helen

Few days ago I viewed beautiful family portrait of Helen and her three precious little kids who perished at the sea, with among over 300 others mainly Eritrean refugees. And then read about stories about one Eritrean woman, who was seven months pregnant and drowned while trying to give birth to her son, the premature […]

Jan 022013

His complexion is fairly normal and in a healthier state than we have seen it in years. So has his moods improved to an acceptable and tolerable level. His receding hair lines are reversed and reasonably full and even for his age. Coming to an interview neat, staying calm and attempting to claim confidence back […]

Dec 292012
NO EXIT WITHOUT   By Fetsum Abraham

Afwerki’s excuse for failure Vs reality The root cause of the problem in Eritrea continues to be lawlessness but they sat in many redundant circles after independence not to figure out why the country has been in such a downbeat situation but rather creating excuses and pointing the finger at the CIA as the cause […]

Dec 082012
Asmars Crumbling Buildings: Let the pictures speak- Part III and Final

Bana from Asmara C.  PFDJ’s ‘Rural’ and ‘Urban’ dichotomy: Holding the Urban population hostage in the name of the Rural poor: The ruling clique in Eritrea has time and again rung out its trademark propaganda that it favors the remote villages more than the urban communities. This way it tries to rationalize whatever happens […]

Nov 052012
How can Eritreans bring about freedom from the tyrannical Yegdef?

First, people must come together. Unity equals power.  Power belongs to people. Yet Yegdef managed to rob people from our power. Second, identify the vicious oppressor’stools Third, establish plan(s) to dismantle it  Fourth, put the plan(s) into action   First, Unity: suggestion Call to Unity (Haddenett). Unity = Power, victory, prosperity, happiness, joy and fulfillment. Division, individualism, and selfishness bring what we are experiencing in the lives […]

Oct 202012
(II) Reality Reasoned Scientifically: Eritrean Case

“The library is a temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars of history.” In the first part of this article I talked about Lancet fluke, a little parasitic brain worm that enters into an ant’s brain, giving it an uncontrollable desire to climb to the top of a grass […]

Oct 172012
(I) Reality Reasoned Scientifically: Viral Memes Theory

Part I of this article is to examine the nature of mimetic theory.  In part II I will try to illustrate and examine the Eritrean case and the consciences of the current situation in Eritrea in the context of mimetic theory.  In Part III I talk about the solutions and way forward. In the spirit […]

Oct 122012

Adolph Hitler (1889-1945) egotistically once said, “What luck for rulers that men do not think”. In this article I would like to accomplish two things.  Explain the difference between Cold War and “Hot or Fierce war” and secondly, I will try to answer if Eritrea is winning the “Cold war” against Ethiopia. Some of you […]