Oct 202013
Heroic Eritrean Mother Helen

Few days ago I viewed beautiful family portrait of Helen and her three precious little kids who perished at the sea, with among over 300 others mainly Eritrean refugees. And then read about stories about one Eritrean woman, who was seven months pregnant and drowned while trying to give birth to her son, the premature […]

Oct 202012
(II) Reality Reasoned Scientifically: Eritrean Case

“The library is a temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars of history.” In the first part of this article I talked about Lancet fluke, a little parasitic brain worm that enters into an ant’s brain, giving it an uncontrollable desire to climb to the top of a grass […]

Oct 172012
(I) Reality Reasoned Scientifically: Viral Memes Theory

Part I of this article is to examine the nature of mimetic theory.  In part II I will try to illustrate and examine the Eritrean case and the consciences of the current situation in Eritrea in the context of mimetic theory.  In Part III I talk about the solutions and way forward. In the spirit […]

Sep 162012
September 18, 2001 Freedom & Justice 1 – 2  Isayas &Tyrannies

September 18-23, 2001 – a black week in the history of freedom in Eritrea and African, the year 2001 witnessed the hopes, dreams of our people to witness free and democratic Eritrea crashed down atrociously by the heartless Isayas Afwerki and his henchmen. On September 18, 2001, the government of Isayas’ vicious and undemocratic nature […]

Aug 232012
The Con Artists Are Back With Their Same Old Tricks

Eng. Filmon H Yohannes  “The Government of Eritrea is convening a conference on investing in the Eritrean economy to be held on August 27-28, 2012 in Asmara”  ‘Eritrea Profile newspaper 4th of August 201’.  When I read this joke I joked to myself for more laughter:  this people must be living on Lalaland (a nonphysical place […]

Aug 212012
Gordon Brown: The world's poor have lost a great champion

Editorial by Eng.Filmon H Yohannes As news broke out today 21/08/12 about Meles’ sudden infection related death at the age of 57, it became apparent that Ethiopia and to certain extent Eritrea and Africa have lost truly a great leader, hero and mentor. The significance of this tragic news was huge given the high stature, […]