Oct 202012
(II) Reality Reasoned Scientifically: Eritrean Case

“The library is a temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars of history.” In the first part of this article I talked about Lancet fluke, a little parasitic brain worm that enters into an ant’s brain, giving it an uncontrollable desire to climb to the top of a grass […]

Oct 172012
(I) Reality Reasoned Scientifically: Viral Memes Theory

Part I of this article is to examine the nature of mimetic theory.  In part II I will try to illustrate and examine the Eritrean case and the consciences of the current situation in Eritrea in the context of mimetic theory.  In Part III I talk about the solutions and way forward. In the spirit […]

Sep 162012
September 18, 2001 Freedom & Justice 1 – 2  Isayas &Tyrannies

September 18-23, 2001 – a black week in the history of freedom in Eritrea and African, the year 2001 witnessed the hopes, dreams of our people to witness free and democratic Eritrea crashed down atrociously by the heartless Isayas Afwerki and his henchmen. On September 18, 2001, the government of Isayas’ vicious and undemocratic nature […]

Aug 222012
South Africa: Govt Plays Nicely With 'Pariah State' Eritrea

ANALYSIS Johannesburg — South Africa, unlike most of the rest of the world, is very nice to Eritrea; nice enough to host its foreign minister and exchange a few meaningless diplomatic pleasantries. This is more than the little east African country-also known as a ‘pariah state’ -is used to, and cements South Africa’s place as one […]

Jul 312011
Eritrea's ruling party (PFDJ) formally demands to rejoin IGAD

July 30, 2011(ADDIS ABABA) – Eritrea has requested to reactivate its membership in the regional Inter-governmental Body on Development (IGAD) bloc, just one day after a UN report charged the red sea nation of planning to carryout coordinated terrorist strikes on its neighbor countries including at an Africa Union leaders Summit held in Addis Ababa […]

Jul 302011
The UN Monitoring Group Report: Proof of Eritrean regional destabilization efforts

July 28, 2011- Based on the report “Asmara’s that contains relationship with al Shabaab, seems made to legitimize and embolden the group instead of to curb its extremist orientation or encourage its participation inside a political process. Furthermore, Eritrean participation in Somalia reflects a larger pattern of intelligence and special procedures activity, including training, financial […]

Feb 252011

By Fesseha Nair The Eritrean National commission for democratic change is preparing four papers as congress discussion papers. They are the following: –         Broad National Charter –         Road map to democracy –         Broad national organizational Statute –         Interim – Constitution In this article I will deal with the fourth paper on interim-constitution. Why interim constitution […]

Dec 062010

This is an article to share with you my experience on mapping the road to democratization in Eritrea. Dictators either persona, or military, internal and external can only be defeated by defiant, mobilized citizens. In the Eritrean case, the strategy of defeating the dictatorship still is not clear because we have not organized  defiant and mobilized […]

Dec 062010

Pope denounces kidnapping of Eritrean migrants in Sinai while the self proclaimed “President for life Isaias Afewerki visits Egypt’s President  Hosni Mubarak for the second time in for months. Vatican Radio  reported today Dec 5, 2010, “Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday urged an end to the plight of dozens of migrants, mainly from Eritrea, believed to be held hostage by […]