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Get Active, Get Involved, Your Country Needs You!

Mahta political organization has a rich historical heritage, having served the people of Eitrea since 2003; as we were known then as Eritrean People Movement (EPM). For more information on our history please check our history section on our website or Click here

We are involved at the very heart of the opposition movements that thrive to defeat and dismantle the brutal oppressive, dictatorial regime of our homeland Eritrea.

Our Leader, Party Members and Supporters will work tirelessly to ensure our goals are met for the benefit of all in Eritrea.

Our Vision:

The objective and vision of our party is to build a prosperous country that preserves the Eritrean people’s unity and sovereignty; upholds the principle of territorial integrity; fosters peace and justice; establishes a government ruled by a national constitution; and respects international treaties and agreements fully.

If you believe in the same goals as we believe why not get involved?

We are constantly looking for new ideas; people with drive, ambition and a wide variety of talents are always required to keep the party driving forward.

Getting involved doesn’t necessarily imply party membership; if you would like to find out more about how we at Mahta works, contact your local Mahta representative.

Get Active, Get Involved, Your Country Needs You!


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